Silver Pullet Poultry

About Me

I am Cara Smith, and I am located in Colorado. We are about an hour and a half from Denver.


We became interested in chickens in 2003 and it has truly become a passion. We are NPIP certified, #84-60 and our flock is tested quarterly for AI.

I am a member of several organizations around the country such as the American Poultry Association, American Bantam Association,American Silkie Bantam Club as well as the National Silkie Breeders Association- Also I am secretary to the Colorado Poultry Association.

Website award by Chicken Breeds List!! Thank you!!


I do not sell chicks, only started birds and I do ship.

Due to some Ebay members stealing photos from me, all photos on my photobucket have been removed, hopefully deleting all photos on the net that I have posted anywhere. I will turn the breed pages on this website back on once I get all my copyrights in place, which will take some time. Please bear with me, I do this only due to several dishonest people!!!

If you see my photos anywhere on Ebay, they are NOT me, I DO NOT sell eggs on EBAY!!!!!!! If I do, my name is chickenfarmchicken - not anyone else!!!!!!

If you are interested in buying eggs or chicks from me, read the "contact me" page thoroughly- BEFORE you contact me